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Combo Parasailing

Try a combo of the most popular water activities in Dubai!

Interested in parasailing, but why not try another water activity? Dubai has a large desert, but it is mainly an Emirates on the Arabian sea coast. The city is spread along the coast with its luxury hotels and state of the art skyscrapers making its city line easily recognizable.

Combo Parasailing

On top of safari, water sports are the best activities during your Dubai trip. We thought about you at Nemo, and thanks to our multi activities base and our team, we have several combo offers.


What to expect during the parasailing session?

You first have to decide if you want to do parasailing solo or duo. For this activity the main criteria is weight. For a solo trip you need to be at least 45 kg. If this is for a minor, an adult representative has to sign the waiver on the minor’s behalf. For a duo, you need to be at least 6 years old to fly. The max weight for both solo and duo is 150 kg.

Both flights last 10 to 12 minutes depending on the weather conditions. And the trip can last up to one hour. We can have up to 4 groups flying on the same session. In that case you will sit comfortably on our boat admiring the view of the city. Our base is located next to the Burj Al Arab, and our parasailing sessions are next to the 7 stars hotel built on water. You will get the best view and holiday pictures. From the sea we can also admire the Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, with its futuristic silver reflection. If you are interested in other views with another emblem of Dubai, please let us know in advance and we will arrange a session to accommodate it.

What next, jet ski or flyboard?

Then you have to choose the second activity, either jet ski or flyboard. If you are on a parasailing duo, we have a package offer for either one jet ski, or one flyboard, or two jet skis and two flyboard sessions so each of you can enjoy another water activity.

Combo Parasailing

Jet ski and Flyboard are our specialties. We have the biggest jet ski base in the Middle East, and one of the biggest in the world, and we have been awarded the best touristic experience in the world in 2021 by TripAdvisor as you can read here. The 30min jet ski tour takes you to the Burj Al Arab. This is great for fun and a holiday picture of your trip in the UAE. But the best seller is clearly the 1h tour. It takes you a bit further, after the Burj Al Arab, your ride along the Palm Jumeirah to Atlantis, the second emblem of the city. The 30min tour is great, but most of the clients regret not having done the longer tour. Please note our prices are per jet ski, and two people can ride a jet ski at no extra cost. And if both are above 14 years old, you can switch drivers during the tour. Younger ones from 5 years old can be passengers. We also recommend morning sessions – especially with kids – as the sea is calmer in the morning, which is the best condition for jet ski cruises. If you are a first timer, no problem, most of our clients are first timers, and with Miami, Dubai is the best place to enjoy jet ski. These are guided tours, everyone goes at their own pace, and if there is a big gap within the group, we split it. One instructor leads a group of up to 5 jet skis.

For the flyboard, we were one of the first to offer it in Dubai and in the world. The device was designed in 2011 and really commercialised after 2012. We have a lot of first timers and some are coming back for more flights. Usually it takes 10 to 15 minutes to master it, and each session is 30 minutes, leaving some time to have fun. We also have the best spot in Dubai, as you have the iconic Burj Al Arab in the background, for one of your best holiday pictures in Dubai.


Combo Parasailing

Our parasailing combo offers

You do not have to do both activities one after the other, and can choose different days. If that’s the case, please specify it in the comment section in the booking.

◉ Parasailing Solo + Jet Ski 30 min: 600 AED
◉ Parasailing Solo + Jet Ski 1h: 800 AED
◉ Parasailing Solo + Flyboard 30 min: 600 AED

◉ Parasailing Duo + Jet Ski 30 min: 900 AED
◉ Parasailing Duo + Jet Ski 1h: 1,100 AED
◉ Parasailing Duo + Flyboard 30 min: 900 AED

◉ Parasailing Duo + 2 Jet Skis 30 min: 1,100 AED
◉ Parasailing Duo + 2 Jet Skis 1h: 1,500 AED
◉ Parasailing Duo + 2 Flyboards 30 min: 1,100 AED